5 Tips to quit comfort zone

Everyone in this universe wants to be successful, but only a few will be so. The inferior change in their lifestyle is the recipe for success i.e. quitting their zone of comfort. The quote “Life starts at the end of ones comfort zone” explains it limpidly.

Quitting the comfort zone helps one to attain the power of the entire universe and triggers the belief of achieving anything and every thing. The following practices helps one to achieve success in life.

#1. Quit fear

When you are about to start a new task take a moment and ask yourself “DOES THIS SCARE ME?” if you feel, it does, then just go for it. Never back off to accept new challenges even before you are ready. Almost say YES to all tasks you come across.

#2. Experience new environment

The other way to quit comfort zone is keeping neurons alert. These can be activated by experiencing new situations all the time (Take new routes, go for different restaurants etc.). Impromptu preparations are always the best.

#3. Get surrounded by people with different ideologies

Being surrounding by people with different ideologies will help one to explore new thoughts and would enable to analyse new experiences involved. This enables one to be active all the time.

#4. Everyday is new

“You will survive, you will heal

You will learn something, you will have a better chance of emerging unscathed next time” — Nate Waddoups

#5. Challenge yourself


Challenge yourself from time to time by doing those which pushes you off the limits. Place yourself in situations where you feel being is nuts.

Next time you see a pretty girl (trigger) go start a talk with her (challenge).

Push yourself, until the heavenly power within is released.

5 Tips for work Prioritisation

Prioritising a hectic work schedule is one of the most important tasks in day-to-day life. By prioritising all the activities one would have a time block to complete every task with ease.

Having accumulated with the tasks can be overwhelming but could be manageable by learning prioritising effectively.

The work prioritisation can be easily done by following these 5 tips.

#1. Listing

The initial step is to know all the tasks that needs to be completed. Start your day with a crystal clear to-do list. This might take some time in the beginning as one needs to assess all the chores of the day, but taking little time never go in vain if the succeeding tips are followed.

#2. Evaluating

The above listed chores have to be assessed based on their importance and urgency.

One can use the above table to where the task falls under and move along the priority.

#3. Honesty

Honestly estimate the efforts and time required for every task and it is suggested to complete the lengthier task first.

It could be motivating if you start with completing the shortest task before moving on with the lengthiest.

#4. Flexibility

When impromptu situations arises in the course, one should be flexible to decide the importance & urgency and act accordingly.

#5. Dismissal

When a task consumes too much of time for being completed than expected then dismissing from the task is mostly suggested as it may affect the remaining chores in the queue. Acknowledge when doing this and enforce strict deadlines in the future.

Practice these to lead a hectic scheduled life in a well organised manner.


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